Wizmix - Wizard's Leaf 10ml

Wizmix - Wizard's Leaf 10ml


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WizMix's Wizards Leaf is a tobacco flavoured e-juice that is hailed as our flagship flavour. Wizard's Leaf emulates all of the tastes and sensations of a tobacco cigarette, without all of the bad stuff. It's a delicious e-liquid for tobacco fans that is ideal as an all-day vape or just as an occasional palate cleanser in-between more exotic flavoured e-liquids. As you vape, Wizard's Leaf delivers a mellow and earthy texture with a touch of caramel. As you exhale, a richer tobacco flavour starts to take effect and you get that full-bodied Virginia taste. The powerful aftertaste gives your vaping experience a real kick and leaves a lasting impression.


Included: 1 x 10ml Wizmix - Wizard's Leaf E-Liquid

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