Wizmix - Rich Bean Rocket 10ml

Wizmix - Rich Bean Rocket 10ml


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WizMix's Rich Bean Rocket is a robust coffee flavoured e-liquid with an intense finish. As you inhale, enjoy the silky-smooth taste of coffee with a subtle hint of dark chocolate. The flavour of the coffee will gradually increase as you vape giving you a more intense flavour experience. This e-juice is perfect for those who can't resist their morning coffee fix or simply love the rich flavours of high-quality coffee. The rich aroma of the coffee will awaken your senses and give you a smooth satisfying end to your vape. Rich Bean Rocket is guaranteed to create a delightful flavourful experience and will undoubtedly tantalise your taste buds.


Included: 1 x 10ml Wizmix - Rich Bean Rocket E-Liquid

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